5 Gifts Vision Flyer

Common Ground Church
March 7, 2018

We’re passionately committed, more than ever, to serving our city in 5 ways in the next 5 years.

Together we will multiply Christ-followers.

Let us reach, baptize, integrate and disciple 100s, even 1000s of new people.

Together we will multiply congregations.

Let us trust God for 10 more access points, across the breadth of the city, for people to experience the life, fame and message of Jesus.

Together we will multiply compassion and justice.

Let us ask God to coach our hearts and lives to minister, in partnership with Common Good, to the broken pockets of our city – especially the smallest of kids, those wilting in under-functioning schools, and those crushed by unemployment.

Together we will multiply cultural renewal.

Let each of us become more envisioned and equipped to take Jesus’ ways and wisdom to work and into society, turning our professions and life roles into callings, so that each of us becomes a strand in the rethreading of our city’s culture.

Together we will multiply church strengthening

Since we’re a small part of Christ’s body in Cape Town, let us for the sake of the city and gospel, find ways to engage. learn from and serve pastors and churches outside of Common Ground, especially those in under-resourced areas.

Let’s all, together, give ourselves to serving our city in these 5 ways!