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Is Jesus really enough? It’s the question that each of us must answer at some point, and the question that the writer of the book of Colossians vividly answers.

Through the month of April Common Ground Church is inviting people to explore this question, firstly along with us on Sundays and over the Easter weekend, but also individually through a 30 day verse by verse devotional booklet available here.


Listen to the talks from previous weeks in this series so far.

Part 1: Jesus Is The Gospel

Part 2: Jesus Is Our God

Part 3: Good Friday

Part 4: Easter Sunday

Part 5: Racial Reconciliation

Part 6: Is Jesus Really Enough

Small Group Guides

These guides have been created to help small group leaders lead their groups through the content covered in the previous Sunday’s talk. Included are tips on how to navigate this particular subject, foster engagement, encourage questions and provide informed responses.

Group Guide | Week 1

Group Guide | Week 2

Group Guide | Week 3

Group Guide | Week 4

Group Guide | Week 6

Going Deeper

Download this Going Deeper resource on the topic of racial reconciliation in South Africa.


Colossians Devotional Cover

What makes this series different is that it’s a 7 days a week series. That’s because we are challenging every Common Grounder – you included! – to go through the 30 day devotional study we have created for you.

This is such a great way to explore Jesus and the bible for the first time, or to grow in your own discipleship as you ask God to speak to you everyday from his Word. So we urge all of you to get this devotional study- available in digital or hard copy – and carve out time every day to prayerfully read it – along with 1000s of others across our city! To download this devotional study, click here.




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