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Meet the Leaders

Jesus said that if you want to lead others you’d have to have a humble servant-heart, laying down your life to lift others up. We insist all our leaders do just that. Our leadership teams are overseen by Rigby and Sue Wallace, with each congregation having its own team and congregation leader.

Congregational Leaders

Terran Williams, an avid surfer, grew up in Sea Point but moved to the Suburbs in his early 20s to join Friends First (now Common Ground). He is married to Julie, who has enjoyed a career in advertising.




  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Brendan and Pascale
    Brendan practices as an employment lawyer and Pascale takes care of their three children. They have a passion for kids and family orientated ministry.
  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Barry & Lindsay Staak
    Barry and Lindsay were married in 2002 and have two energetic little children, Tristan and Paige. Barry is a short term insurance specialist and runs his own brokerage. Lindsay is an Environmental Geologist for a consulting firm in Rondebosch.
  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Don and Heidi
    Don is employed full-time in Common Ground Church Constantiaberg as a pastor. Heidi runs her own very part-time physio practice from their home, while partnering with Don in their pastoral role.
  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Clark & Caron
    Clark and Caron have been married since 1988. They have two teenage children, Luke and Kate. Clark is a financial Advisor and runs his own brokerage and Caron is a qualified Fashion Designer and full time mom
  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Lew & Fran de Jager
    Lew and Fran were married in 1986. They have 2 daughters and a son. Lew is part of Cebano and consults leaders building healthier organisations. Fran's passion is equipping children with Life Skill. She works at a school and from home.
  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Brian & Minah Koela
    Brian and Minah Koela were married in 1998 and have 4 boys, Sihle, Ernie, Wa-hae and Bohlale. Brian works at The Warehouse as a Church Engagements strategy leader and Minah works as a Translator and Research Assistant and a mom.