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Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground is an 8 week course that empowers individuals to break free of unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour.

This course facilitates personal growth in self awareness, self acceptance, identity, and trust in God. It also promotes relief from painful negative self beliefs and aspects of the past that may still have a hold over individuals.

Is this course for me?

1) Look at the characteristics, beliefs and experience statements below to and consider whether of not this applies to you. If you feel it does, this course may benefit you.

I’m Stupid
I’m not Good Enough
It’s My Fault
I’m Bad
I Don’t Matter
I’m Invisible
I’m Dirty
I’m Ugly
I’m Powerless
I’m All Alone
I’m Worthless
I’m a Bother
I’m Unwanted
I’m a Burden
I’m Nothing
I’m Useless

2) This course is particularly helpful for those who: are hard on themselves, are self critical and critical of others, struggle with shame, guilt or negative self beliefs, for those struggle to forgive, or for those who experience little fruit in their Christian walk  even though they work hard at it.  

3) Consider: do I need to engage on a journey of growth and healing?

Perhaps some of these statements ring true for you? Tick the box if they feel true even if only in part. Perhaps rate them x/10 too!

  • I can believe God’s love for other people, but I have difficulty knowing it for myself.
  • Deep down I feel like God disapproves of who or what I am, even though I believe His Word is true.
  • Sometimes I feel like God’s hand passes over me and seems to fall on everyone else.
  • I feel like a fraud; my Christian walk does not produce the fruit I feel it should, and I have little sense of joy or victory in it.
  • I attend church and pray, I try to do what’s right, but I am worn out because old patterns are still entrenched within me and things don’t seem to change in my life.
  • I struggle relationally (with men or women or both), my reactions at times are inappropriate and beyond what is called for in my day to day circumstances. The pain I feel in these times is overwhelming.
  • I don’t feel good enough, or I have many shame based feelings e.g. inferiority, inadequacy, incompetence, worthlessness, ugliness or stupidity, or dirty.
  • I feel as if I am on the outside of / not really part of / disconnected to / others, rather than connected. I feel like I don’t belong. I struggle with loneliness. I feel all alone, unwanted or abandoned.
  • I am self critical, and critical of others. I have difficulty affirming others, and am more prone to see and comment on their flaws. I also see my own flaws more easily than my strengths.
  • People say I am hard on myself. I find it difficult to get over things and I find it difficult to forgive myself. Sometimes I struggle to forgive others too.
  • I am a people-pleaser and I need people’s approval; it helps me feel better about myself.
  • I need recognition and acknowledgment, and I feel resentful when people do not seem to appreciate me.
  • I am driven and a bit of a workaholic. I find it hard to relax and enjoy life, and feel a constant pressure to be doing what I think I “should” be doing. I feel guilty when I try to relax and do things just for fun.
  • I suffer from psycho-somatic problems e.g. headaches or stomach aches. Medically there is nothing wrong but the problems continue, and the more emotionally distressed I become the worse my physical conditions are.
  • I struggle to express emotions, especially anger. Sometimes I feel bad or sick inside, and it’s a real body sense, but actually I have no idea what it is that I specifically feel.
  • I feel stuck, frustrated, and want to be rid of certain things in my life. I would like to ‘chop it off’ and be done with it, but things stay the same. I feel exhausted and sometimes hopeless about it all.
  • At times I am overwhelmed by anxiety, often I don’t even know what it’s communicating to me, but it sends me into overdrive and I can become aggressive, defensive, or controlling.
  • I compulsively eat when I feel bad; sometimes I am not even aware that I am feeling bad. I feel bad after I have binged in this way too.
  • I find it difficult to receive compliments, and often my mind secretly disagrees with what was said.
  • Unless I am busy or doing something, I am not really happy. I’m prone to being a workaholic or finding something to do. I am often unaware that I do this to suppress emotional discomfort.

These are only some of many possible self experience statements that indicate a lack of self acceptance, and a need for a journey of growth and healing. Journey with us in Breaking Ground; nothing changes if you continue to do the same thing!

Is this course helpful for me to do now?

Personal growth is not easy. This course will begin to highlight things in your life that you need to take ownership of – and it will help you know how to do that. It is perhaps not the best time to do it if you are at a point of extreme crisis in your life. Another thing to consider is whether you have time? You will need time to reflect and ponder on the questions asked about your experiences.

Brief Summary of Course Contents

BG consists of two courses:

  1. BG1 – not very emotionally unsettling; addressing more immediate issues.
  2. BG2 – delves fairly deeply into our thoughts and emotions, and requires a degree of emotional discomfort.

Find a list of the contents of these courses below.

Breaking Ground Part 1
  • Week 1: Introduction

Growing in self awareness and in our sense of self

  • Week 2: Awareness – the inner and outer zones
  • Week 3: Awareness – the middle zone (our thinking)
  • Week 4: Growing in our identity in Christ

 Learning to become more self nurturing

  • Week 5: Trust
  • Week 6: Self nurturing
  • Week 7: Self nurturing and opening to love
  • Week 8: Closure (we were created for love)
Breaking Ground Part 2

Learning to recognise and deal with negative self beliefs

  • Week 1: Understanding and managing emotional triggering
  • Week 2: Becoming free of painful self beliefs in God
  • Week 3: Obstacles to receiving God’s truth (our freedom)

Learning about loss and your response

  • Week 4: Looking at family of origin and foundational life experiences
  • Week 5: Continued from week 4
  • Week 6: Forgiveness and repentance
  • Week 7: Bitter root judgments and expectancy
  • Week 8: Closure and celebration


Cost is still TBC.
If you are interested in attending this course, please contact Rose on 021 6962970 (afternoons) or email her at, or contact George on 021 685 4665 or at Alternatively,  please let us know here, and we will get back to you with more information. 
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