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Security In God

Security in God is a Beth Moore study that takes an in depth look at how we, as women, face a daily battle with our insecurities – over the course of 8 weeks.

Whether it is the pressure we feel from society to look a certain way, a divorce that has left us wounded, the effects of abuse, loss, rejection, or instability in your home, there is no doubt that all of us struggle with insecurity.

We cover the following topics:

  • Week 1: Introduction to insecurity. We consider our  insecurity as women, and glimpse at what security in God looks like.
  • Week 2: How insecurity affects us. We seek to understand what insecurity truly is, and how it hinders us in our daily lives.
  • Week 3:  Good company. We look at biblical characters and how they were riddled with insecurity, and gain an understanding of how insecurity affects everyone.
  • Week 4: Digging deep. This is the pivotal week. In this week we unpack the origins of our insecurities.
  • Week 5: Finding dignity. From week five, we start looking forward to what security in God looks like. We seek to discover our God given dignity, not only as an intellectual knowledge, but an ingrained truth speaking into our lives.
  • Week 6:  Letting God be God. We so often have a tendency to play God in our lives and take control of various situations. In this week we take an honest look at which areas, specifically surrounding our insecurity, we struggle to let go of.
  • Week 7: The power to choose. Every insecurity elicits a response. We can choose to let it cripple our lives, or hold onto it and speak truth over it. We have the power to choose whether it gets the final word.
  • Week 8: Moving past our fears into trust. Our last week is spent briefly looking at how the only way to move beyond our fears is to trust our living God. We share our stories from the course, and look forward to what a future without insecurities looks like.

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