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As a music team we aim to give people the language and means to express God’s worth to him in music.

We want to give the city the greatest reason for our faith by using music and intelligent, poetic and understandable words. We aim to give the city an encounter with music that is creative and honest. We want to equip the church to sing God’s worth with music that is a blend of heritage and current, home-grown, rich theologically and captivates the imagination with our extraordinary God.

If you have the requisite level of musical skill and a passionate worshiper’s heart, and are already a member of Common Ground, then we’d love to encourage you to consider joining one of the teams.

Before one gets involved, however, due to the music ministry being such an integral part of our Sunday meetings, we believe it’s important for musicians to be members of Common Ground and committed to a small group. Therefore, if you are interested in serving in a CG music team, we would invite you to sign up for DNA and get involved in a small group before auditioning.

If you have done DNA, been welcomed in as a member of CGC, and are actively part of a small group, please consider auditioning to be part of band.



The first phase of auditions is to submit an audio recording of yourself (a voicenote on your cell phone is sufficient. Please consider playing the track off your computer and singing/playing along recording on your mobile phone)

  • For lead vocalists, choose one of the following songs, download it and record yourself leading over it (with an instrument if you want to audition for both or just vocally if you prefer): Sovereign Saviour (D) or Father of Light (D). (Click here to download and learn the originals: Sovereign Saviour and Father of Light).
  • If you are auditioning for Keys, Drums, Electric Guitar or Bass, choose one of the following songs and record an audio of yourself playing along with the following recordings: King and Awake my soul.
  • For backing vocals choose one of the following songs and record yourself singing harmony along with the song: King, Justice and Love, or Awake my soul.

*If you are experiencing any issues, either by not having an instrument to play for an audition (eg drums, keys, bass) or really can’t record onto your mobile device, please email to discuss a different option.

*If you are struggling to use the tracks provided and/or would prefer to play/sing a song of your choice onto an audio device, please feel free to do that.

Download the chords for Sovereign Saviour (Love), King, Justice and Love, Father of Light, and Awake my soul.

Sign up here:

STEP 2 – LIVE Audition

Live Auditions will be by invitation only. (sometimes this can be at the start of the year or as places become available later in the year)

  • We will email those who we would like to see audition live at this time.
  • Live auditions will be held at a band practice and organized by the band leaders with you.

Please note, each congregation oversees their own process for musicians to get involved. Once you have signed up online (above), an individual from your congregation will be in contact with you to discuss getting involved. In most cases it will involve a further live audition at a band practice, but we will explain more close to the time.

God has blessed us with many keen musicians and we would love to give as many people an opportunity to serve their community with their gifts. However, the reality is that in some congregations there are limited spaces available. However, gaps open up during the year so it is helpful to have the audio tracks on record, and bands may get hold of you later in the year too.