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Meet the Leaders

We believe leaders work best when working in a team of individuals who can bring out the best in each other; relying upon each others strengths, gifting and wisdom. We also believe leadership teams should work off a base of great friendship; and so the InnerCity leadership team is made up of four eldership couples who have plenty of fun together, while taking seriously God’s call to give visionary and pastoral leadership to our congregation.

Congregation Leaders

Paul & Lee-Ann Maughan lead the team of InnerCity leaders. Paul, who qualified as a Chartered Accountant, still lectures occasionally at the UCT Graduate School of Business. Lee-Ann works at Common Ground Church. Their family includes Patrick, Joanna and Sophia.

  • Common Ground Church Leader
    SG and Lizet Laubscher
    SG and Lizet live in Greenpoint, with Shatzi their dog. When not serving at church, or enjoying the great outdoors, or reading Martin Lloyd Jones, SG is an attorney and Lizet is a medical doctor.
  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Stephan Pienaar
    Stephan hails from the great city of Pretoria, is the youngest of four boys and gets away with far too much nonsense. He is an avid adventure-athlete and is always competing in some race, somewhere in the Western Cape. In addition to running and the outdoors, Stephan works in IT and is the biggest Paul Tripp fan around!