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Raising Parents

Common Ground Church
August 28, 2014

Raising Parents was an event aimed at upping our parenting game. If you missed it, be sure to download the talks here.

Gavin Keller: Surfing the Emotional Elephant | download
Gavin is a passionate educator and school leader who has used the research in neurolearning and leading to change a school and the community. He shares the practical application with schools, corporates and leaders in order to improve performance and the quality of life. Gavin and his wife Heather have raised two boys to be successful adults – leaders in their fields. He speaks from experience and practice. His guidance is simple, humorous, but dynamic.

Chris, Anne & Mark Anderson: Healthy Relationships now that will flourish in teenage years | download
Chris and Anne have been married for thirty five years and have three children. They’ve been involved in pastoral work for the last twenty three years, with Chris having had experience as a high school teacher. They live in the beautiful South Coast and believe in the importance of prioritising your spouse, your children and church above all else.

Family Fun Panel | download

Brad Anderson: What parents cannot afford to outsource | download
Brad and his wife Anne have four children, and together they serve and give leadership to the children and parenting ministries of Common Ground Church. Brad is passionate about helping parents across Cape Town to be the best parents that they can possibly be. He also serves on the leadership team at Common Ground Rondebosch’s morning congregation.