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What About Halloween?

Mike Hampton
October 23, 2015

What About Halloween?

What is a Christian to do with Halloween? For many of us this is not a big question; Halloween is a small and brief-lived moment in our SA calendar, often passing by almost unnoticed. Yet for others this may be a real faith struggle in figuring out what God says, and how to lead our kids well.

There are many legitimate Christian arguments on each side of the debate spectrum; those who view it as evil and to be avoided, and those who see it as a missional opportunity to engage with our culture. Our aim is to direct you towards a number of helpful videos and readings so that you can make up your own mind as to what you believe.

As you engage with these resources, please keep in mind that this is written by, and predominantly for, Americans. In the USA Halloween is very much a full blown, nationally recognized date in the calendar. This is not yet our experience in SA, even though it seems to have grown substantially in popularity over the past few years.


Please see the following articles:

Creative ways to redeem Halloween:

An interesting history:

Short video of John Piper respecting those who either abstain from or engage in counter-cultural Gospel activities:

Background information plus some Christian responses to Halloween:

Short video on the missional opportunity to Halloween:


I trust that these readings have been helpful to you.


Following these articles, here are some of my thoughts:

Decide – Make a decision on what you believe as a family. Spend time in scripture and prayer. Speak to other respected believers for guidance.

Talk – Use this opportunity to talk to your kids about Halloween and what you as a family believe. This is a brilliant teaching and training moment. Listen to their thoughts and experiences and point them to how you believe God has called you as a family to respond.

Don’t judge – It’s easy to judge others in this moment, both Christian and non-Christian alike. Recognise that others have their own personal conviction around Halloween. We can extend love and grace without agreeing with other’s beliefs.

Equip – Equip your kids on how to respond to their friends about what you as a family believe. Give them appropriate language to use.


I hope this has been helpful.


Mike Hampton

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