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Fill The City Follow Up

Six months ago Common Ground had its first ever Fill The City Sunday. We knew as a church that God had called us to fill the city of Cape Town with the message, life and fame of Jesus. We also felt that God had given us the vision on how to do this through multiplying 5 gifts to Cape Town: the gift of more Christ-followers, more congregations, more compassion and justice, more church strengthening and more cultural renewal.

We are celebrating all that God has been doing through the lives and faithfulness of his people since then. We rejoice over every single life changed, shaped and transformed by God. We have seen God do amazing things, and we want to thank all of you who have prayed with us, served the vision and given so generously.

These are a few of the stories that we are celebrating 6 months later:

The Langa congregation has been meeting together for 9 months now. Over that time, we have seen a growing number of people attending as well as several people who gave their lives to Christ. Just a few Sundays ago, there were over 30 kids in Kids Rock. Please pray for them this week as they look at four potential venues for them to meet in.

The Sea Point congregation is thriving in its second year. There have been wonderful moments as the community has become a family and we are grateful to every life touched and renewed through this congregation. Please pray for them as they identify and raise up new leaders and serve their community.


Common Good is seeing amazing fruit from its hard work.

Over 2500 school-going children are being radically impacted by our 3 collaboration schools, and we are looking to partner with even more schools going forward. Many people feel that the broken education system can’t actually be fixed, so it has been encouraging to get feedback from the teachers and leadership in these schools,  as well as the children, that they are really feeling a difference. There truly is hope for our most in-need schools.

In our Early Life Program, we are praying that churches from every denomination will get on board with the research and programme in the next while. This is one way that we serve not only families in our city, but also strengthen other churches to impact this critical life stage.

At the Zanokhanyo Network employment training, we have trained 680 graduates this year through our job-readiness programme, with 457 people placed in meaningful opportunities for work. A visiting guest from the UK who specialises in helping churches see this sort of impact, said that what TZN is doing is phenomenal and the numbers of people impacted is staggering. We thank God for every individual, family and community being impacted by Common Good.

We are also celebrating the fact that Common Good are moving into a new home base in Observatory, a central location that is an incredible story of God’s provision. Pray for them, that they would be encouraged and energised as they minister into the most needy pockets of our city.

If you would like to see the Common Good Vision video, click here.

As we all know, every Vision needs Provision, and we wanted to feedback on how the pledging and giving process has gone so far:

Thank God for the faithfulness and generosity of his people. Let’s be on our knees for the faith gap and follow up gap in these next 6 months.


We are so passionate about when Christ-followers start to get excited about renewal in their industry. Take a look at this great story of the one part of Cape Town we are all thankful to God for – our Coffee industry.

Keep a lookout in the coming weeks for out One Life Website re-launch where we are seeking to resource every Common Grounder on how to better live and work in their 9-5 calling.

We hope you have loved hearing these stories 6 months into our Fill The City campaign.