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Fill The City

Across all of our Common Ground congregations, we’ve united to do all we can to give our city five gifts over five years. They’re the kind of gifts only the church can give. And they’re the kind of gifts that (although diverse in focus) have one common goal:


To fill the city with the message, life and fame of Jesus.


Now half-way through our 5-year quest, a movement of generosity is gathering momentum and you’re invited to join it!

Every cent sown goes toward multiplying Christ-followers, congregations, compassion and justice, cultural renewal and stronger churches across the city.




Listen to Rigby’s talk: Stirred, Not Shaken




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Multiplying Christ-followers


Across our congregations this year, we’ve seen almost 200 Ignite books handed out to people who responded to the gospel, baptised over 40 people, and welcomed hundreds more into our family via the DNA course. These numbers really count, because each one represents a person loved by God who’s finding their place in our family. We’re deeply grateful to God for each one.

Common Ground Sea Point and Green Point began the year with a bang – hosting the first Common Ground Alpha in January. Incredibly, 150 people embarked on the course and many have since come to faith. Please join us in praying for these new believers, as well as for even more gospel fruit through each of us living missional lives, through our upcoming series, and through multiple Common Ground Alpha courses starting in August around the city.

There are so many beautiful stories of people coming home. Here is Amy’s (from Bosch PM).

If you’re a parent with young kids, don’t neglect the mission field that’s right under your nose. Terran Williams has written a practical guide to help parents bring their kids to the feet of Christ. It’s called In-Reach, and you’re welcome to download it right here.


Multiplying Congregations


While we continue to celebrate the growth and new life in every existing Common Ground congregation, we’re still passionate about planting new, gospel-centred churches into even more areas of Cape Town. To this end, we are thrilled to announce that Steve and Candice Bonaconza will be stepping out to plant our 11th Common Ground congregation toward the beginning of 2020. If you missed his short announcement, you can watch it here.

Now get to know Steve a little better too.

Tell us a little about your family.

Candice, my wife, work at Groote Schuur for UCT, as a researcher. She is passionate about what she does. We have two wonderful teenagers, our daughter Alex is almost 15 and our son, Samuel is 13. We love to spend time together outdoors… hiking, camping or hitting the beach.

If you could go back to yourself at 18, what advice would you give yourself?

Travel more, and buy property!

What is God currently teaching you?

Lately, I’ve been freshly struck by the breadth and depth of the gospel – that it’s not only the starting point of our faith but that it empowers every point from thereon out!

What are you most excited about regarding this church plant?

That everybody gets to play! Whether you’re young or old, male or female, married or unmarried, a new church plant allows every one to contribute and find their unique place in the body of Christ. I’m also excited about doing life together with the growing family that emerges through this plant.

When are you thinking of launching?

God willing, February 2020!

If you’re wanting to find out even more about this plant, there’ll be a looking in evening on the 15th of July, at Common Ground Rondebosch. Please join us in praying for this exciting new kingdom venture. Pray that God would bring the right people alongside the Bonaconzas and that the right venue in the right location would open up. And while you’re praying, why not also include our youngest congregations, Sea Point and Langa, to the list too! Sea Point is trusting God for more momentum whilst Langa is still praying for a more suitable venue to gather in.


Multiplying Compassion & Justice


Working through Common Good and its various initiatives, we’ve seen tremendous progress in seeking to multiply compassion and justice across the city.

This year alone, over 350 unemployed people have graduated from our three-week work readiness programme and already, 239 have been connected to meaningful opportunities.

Our education programme impacts 2000 children daily. Our network of Collaboration Schools has grown to include Boundary Primary in Bonteheuwel this year, and we continue to support targeted literacy interventions for foundation phase learners at two further schools.

Very recently our Early Life team launched a new initiative, Sikunye (meaning ‘We are together’ in isiXhosa), which aims to build communities of care around families with children in the first thousand days of life. Common Good is partnering with Common Ground congregations and numerous local churches across the country to support families in this critical phase. You can read more about the recent Early Life insights event here.

We are so grateful to our Fill The City partners, whose generous and faithful support makes our work possible. Thank you for joining us as we bring hope and opportunity to thousands of lives.


Multiplying Cultural Renewal


Who’s at work behind bringing our faith to work? The answer: two Common Grounders, Mike Day and Michael Mol. Both are giving a portion of their work time to focusing on how to really empower us all in the area of Cultural Renewal. To get to know them both a little better, we asked them a few questions about faith, life and of course, their work.

Seeing as you both only work part-time at Common Ground, what do you do with the rest of your work hours?

MM: I’m the Head of Hello Doctor (a telehealth division of MMI) and the Head of Health Solutions at Momentum Multiply.

MD: I’m a Senior Adjunct Speaker for RZIM Africa.

What was your first paid job?

MD: A hockey coach at Bishops High School while I was a UCT student.

MM: A waiter at a Chinese restaurant, earning R2,30 an hour!

Worst job ever?

MM: Paint mixer at a hardware store. I told every customer not to be concerned by the mismatch in colour between the swatch and the paint in the can, once it dried on the wall – the match would be perfect. Apparently that was not the case – ever.

Best day at the office ever?

MM: First C-section I ever did… like digging for treasure you know is there, and finding it!

MD: When Michael Mol arrives with Five Star chocolates to share.

What are you most excited about regarding your new role here at Common Ground?

MM: We want to equip, connect and mobilize Christ-followers to be catalysts and agents of cultural change for the good of the city and the community they live in. What a compelling vision! But it’s the journey to get there that excites me most: sparking a paradigm shift in how we see vocation and practically turning work (no matter what it is) into a calling and mission field, not just a place to earn a pay cheque.

MD: We have an opportunity to help Christians re-imagine the connection between their faith and their work. To inspire them with stories from our own community and place practical resources in their hands. Should we grow together in this as the church, the potential for kingdom impact is great!

What can we look forward to in the months ahead?

MM: We’ll be launching our brand new One Life initiative on the 4th of October with a “What’s your Why” conference headlined by Ken Costa and several well-known SA personalities who have discovered their why and have been a catalyst for change for the good of the city. As a prelude to the conference, we’ll be having a Thought Leadership seminar with church leaders – to equip them on how best to support their marketplace people.

MD: After the conference, we’re also launching our updated website that will serve as a connection hub and resource site for original and curated content (in all forms) on the subject of faith at work. These resources, together with several learning tools will take Christ-followers on a journey of better understanding their vocational callings and how to put that new-found understanding into action.

What can we pray for as you embark on all of these new projects?

MM: Please pray for wisdom to discern who to connect with, what to include and how best to join all the dots.

MD: And that we would prioritize the right connections and initiatives, so that what we do through OneLife can have a genuine impact.


Multiplying Church Strengthening


Strengthening and equipping all churches in Cape Town and beyond is not only a desire of ours, but a God-given commission. After all, “To whom much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48) To this end, we have already hosted 4 pastor’s breakfasts in under-resourced communities around Cape Town, with more to come. These times allow much-needed space for church leaders to connect and learn from one another, and to us to build relationships that sometimes allow us to partner even further.

Having recently also co-hosted the Advance Global Conference, many Common Grounders were instrumental in making this time the great success that it was. Together, we were not only inspired by the people we met from all over the world, but played a part in strengthening and blessing them too.  What a privilege!

In addition, many of our Common Resources are going far and wide to bless and strengthen many churches. Here’s an encouraging letter we received from a dear friend, Harry Lourens, who leads a thriving church in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

“Together with my wife and our eldership team, I have the awesome privilege of leading Southcity Church here on the magnificent South Coast of KZN.

Thanks to our church’s long-standing friendship with some of Common Ground’s leaders, we’d been exposed to what your church was doing in Cape Town. When I was then handed the reigns of church leadership in early 2013, we began to “shadow” Common Ground and preach similar series from day one. How our church has been blessed because of this!

Our methodology is simple: We, as elders, decide on a series that we, in God, feel we need to preach. Our next step is to tap into Common Ground’s resources to see what you guys have available. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s a serendipitous match – one we’re truly grateful to God for.

Instead of having to re-invent the wheel or spend hours trying to figure out a fresh angle, we’ve been able to benefit from Common Ground’s amazing ability to bring the gospel to life through material that is consistently outstanding in quality and rich in sound theology.

Of course, we adjust the series to suit our context and church, and our preachers add their own flavour to each message, but digging into your church’s resources has saved us many hours of “thrashing” things about and has provided us direction and much-needed clarity. Most importantly, it’s ensured our flock is well fed – Sunday after Sunday.

Thank you for your deep love for God and for his wider church. South City has been blessed because of it.”