/   Our Common Vision: Fill The City

Our Common Vision: Fill The City

Two decades into our journey as a church, we’re more passionate than ever to fill our city with the message, life and fame of Jesus.


Because we’re more convinced than ever that this will bring more life, freedom, justice and blessing to all who call Cape Town home.


Over the course of 5 years (starting in 2017 and culminating in 2021), we want to do all that we can to give 5 gifts to Cape Town:

  1. More Christ-followers
  2. More congregations
  3. More compassion and justice
  4. More cultural renewal
  5. More church strengthening

So How Can You Help?

It’s going to take all of us, doing all that we can to see all of these gifts released into Cape Town by 2021. Please partner with us in prayer, generosity and keeping up-to-date with our progress (below).

Partner With Us

Where Are We Now?


1. More Christ-followers

Firmly in the centre of our vision, Christ’s parting words and commission burns in our hearts… we want to reach, baptize, integrate and disciple hundreds and thousands of new people.

Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve handed out almost 500 Ignite booklets, baptised more than 50 people during Sunday meetings and seen almost 100 people complete the Alpha course.

2. More Congregations

We believe our city needs more outposts of God’s transforming gospel, so we’re trusting God for 10 new access points, across the breadth of our city – multiplying the spaces and communities where people can experience the life, fame and message of Jesus.

So far, we’ve added two new frontiers since beginning our Fill The City journey.

The Sea Point congregation is now in its second year since beginning in 2017. Positioned in the middle of this thriving suburb, a community has emerged that is becoming a real family and outpost for the gospel. We are grateful to every life touched and renewed through this congregation. Please pray for them as they identify and raise up new leaders and serve their community.

The Langa congregation has been meeting together since the beginning of 2018. Over that time, we’ve seen it grow in number – with several people giving their lives to Christ and many children eagerly attending Kids Rock on Sundays too. Please pray for them as they look toward finding a more suitable venue to meet in.

3. More Compassion And Justice

In partnership with Common Good, we want to be a people who minister into the broken pockets of our city – multiplying compassion and justice as we go. To this end, we have identified three specific areas we want to lean into together: serving the smallest and most vulnerable kids, those wilting in under-functioning schools and those crushed by unemployment.

So far, over 2,500 school-going children are being radically impacted by our 3 collaboration schools project, and we are looking to partner with even more schools going forward. Many people feel that the broken education system can’t actually be fixed, so it has been encouraging to get feedback from the teachers and leadership in these schools, as well as the children, that they are really feeling a difference. There truly is hope for our most in-need schools.

In our Early Life Program, we are praying that churches from every denomination will get on board with the research and programme. This is one way that we serve not only families in our city, but also strengthen other churches to impact this critical life stage.

The Zanokhanyo Network has trained 680 graduates this year through our job-readiness programme, with 457 people placed in meaningful opportunities for work. A visiting guest from the UK who specialises in helping churches see this sort of impact, said that what TZN is doing is phenomenal and the numbers of people impacted is staggering.

We’re also celebrating Common Good’s move into its new home base in Observatory, a central location that is going to set us up for even more impact and blessing of the city.

If you would like to watch the Common Good Vision video, click here.

4. More Cultural Renewal

We believe that we’re not only called to be an authentic, empowering community when we gather on Sundays, but a potent force for good when we are scattered Monday through Saturday across the city.

Onelife is our collective attempt to continue to answer this call. Check out our brand new website and take a look at the story of coffee… an inspiring window into what can happen when Christ-followers take their faith to work with them.

5. More Church Strengthening

We dream of a stronger church across the city of Cape Town and the world – not just across Common Ground. As a small part of the much bigger body of Christ in Cape Town, we want to do all we can to share what we’ve learnt, learn from others and find ways to engage, strengthen and serve pastors and churches outside of Common Ground – especially those in under-resources areas.

This year, we’ve continued with monthly Pastor’s Breakfasts in Khayelitsha (which we began last year). These are proving to provide a wonderful space in which we can walk a journey with lead pastors as we mutually grow in theology and share practical tools to sharpen our leadership.

We’re also in the process of creating a new online website which is aimed primarily at strengthening other churches by freely giving away our best material, series’s, training courses, bible commentaries and theological papers. Watch this space!

And finally, we’re just embarking on the beginning of a partnership with Hope Africa Collective – helping to disciple and theologically equip some 135 under-resources churches in the eastern suburbs.

Partner With Us

Join us in celebrating all that God has been doing through the lives and faithfulness of Common Grounders so far. And why not consider partnering with us in closing the faith gap and follow-up gap we need to continue to do all that we believe we are called to do.

If you would like to pledge, please fill in the pledge form here.

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