When does the Fuel Team run?

The year starts in the third week of January and runs till the second week of December. (12 Jan – 11 Dec). Most Tuesdays will be a day of rest as there are ministry opportunities on Sundays. There are quarterly breaks and a 2 week break in the middle of the year.


What can you expect?

• Practical serving within Common Ground Church

• Life Skills Training

• Ministry Equipping within various contexts e.g. Kids, Youth, Serving the Poor, Preaching, Smallgroup Leadership etc.

• One-on-one Mentoring from Common Ground Leadership

• Theological Training

• Leadership Training

• Local mission trips throughout the year with the possibility of one international trip each year


What are the financial commitments?

Go to the “get involved” link, all the details are there.


How can I sign up?

We recommend attending a Fuel Team Looking In Time, then downloading our application form. Click here for more.