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Joseph knew what it was like to grow up privileged, he knew great family drama and betrayal, he understood oppression and harsh working conditions, and he knew the pressures of being a leader of multitudes during a national crisis. There are many things we can learn about how to live better lives from the development of character we see in Joseph’s story under the unseen hand of a Sovereign God.

Join us for our 5-week series titled “Joseph: God Meant It For Good” as we explore his life together and see how God uses trials and successes to shape our character.


Listen to the talks from previous weeks in this series so far.

Week 1: From Jacob’s House to Potiphar’s House.

Week 2: From Potiphar’s House to Prison.

Week 3: From Cell to Cell.

Week 4: From Prison to Palace.

Week 5: From Israel to Egypt.

Week 6: Jesus – the Better Joseph.

Life Group Guides

These guides have been created to help small group leaders lead their groups through the content covered in the previous Sunday’s talk. Included are tips on how to navigate this particular subject, foster engagement, encourage questions and provide informed responses.

Life Guide Week 1

Life Guide Week 2

Life Guide Week 3