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Beyond Abuse

Beyond Abuse is an instrumental course for women who would like to understand what abuse looks like and how it affects our lives:  how we see ourselves, and our relationship with God and with others. This is a 6 week course.

How will you know if this course is for you?

  • If you know of or suspect someone in your life has been or is being abused or mistreated;
  • If you yourself have felt mistreated, undermined, abused or spoken down to;
  • If you would like to know more about how to understand abuse and how it affects women;
  • If you would like to know to tell your own story as a means of helping other women find theirs.

Over the 6-week journey, participants can expect to learn about the following topics in their small groups:

  1. Introduction: Understanding what abuse is and what it looks like in our lives.
  2. Perceptions and Restoration: We look at how abuse challenges our identity and our perception of self, God and others. We start a journey towards understanding how we see God as a result of abuse, and how to restore a sense of self, worth and identity.
  3. Storytelling: We explore how stories affect how we see ourselves and others, by the telling of stories.  The power of stories, lies in the story line we live by… We look at the stories we tell ourselves and start to explore our own stories and how we tell them.
  4. Our Stories: In week 4, we learn how to unpack our own stories and share them with others.  No-one in the group is required to share, but encouraged to do so as a means of finding their voice.
  5. Dealing with Resentment, Bitterness and Forgiveness: Here we look at what resentment and bitterness can do to our journeys, and we also talk about what forgiveness is and isn’t.  We try to relate these feelings and concepts to each persons own season and work through these difficult topics.
  6. Hope: In our last week of meeting together we look at the topic of hope and how to move forward on our journeys.  We talk about how we, as women, can use our stories to help ourselves and other women discover and tell their stories as a means of finding hope and moving forward.


To find out more about this course, when the next course begins, or to sign up, please email at,  let us know here, and we will get back to you with more information. 
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