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Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground (BG) is a course about learning how to cooperate with Christ in His pursuit of our perfection. The course provides a toolbox for life to empower you to grow in awareness and learn how to overcome unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour. The focus of BG is to strengthen the inner being of a person in Christ.


If this video is not displaying properly, click here.

If this video is not displaying properly, click here.

BG is an 8 week process facilitating personal growth in: self awareness; self acceptance; identity; trust in God and relief from painful negative self beliefs. BG is offered through Redemption Ministries at Common Ground Church.

BG may be helpful for people who do not know the love of God for themselves personally and experience little fruit in their Christian walk, though they may work hard at it. BG is for those who are hard and unforgiving of themselves (or others) and who may struggle with shame based self beliefs and guilt. BG may be beneficial for those with relational difficulties – whether it’s difficulties in relating to yourself, God or others. Not sure if BG is a suitable course for you? Look at the self experiences listed at the end of this article and the belief bubbles. If you identify with these types of self experience then BG is likely to be a course that will benefit you.

If we think change will only happen when our circumstances change or when people in our lives change then we are in a very powerless and hopeless place. We only have the power to change ourselves and our responses to what we experience. BG is a course that will give you many opportunities to own and take responsibility for things in your life that may be hindering you. The tools learned will only be useful in as much as they are practiced and applied to your own life. You will need to create space for yourself to do this well and you may endure some inner discomfort as you process things. Prayerfully consider if this course is right for you at this time in your life. Many participants who have been persistent in applying things learned have said that BG was challenging but life changing for them too!


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Still not sure whether BG is for you?
If you identify with some of the self experience statements or self beliefs below then BG is
a course that is likely to be of benefit to you.

□ I can believe God’s love for other people, but I have difficulty knowing it for myself.
□ Deep down I feel like God disapproves of who or what I am even though I believe His
Word is true.
□ Sometimes I feel like God’s hand passes over me and seems to fall on everyone else.
□ I feel like a fraud, my Christian walk does not produce the fruit I feel it should and I have
little sense of joy or victory in it.
□ I attend church and pray, I try to do what’s right but I am worn out because the old
patterns are still with me and things don’t seem to change in my life.
□ I struggle relationally (with men or women or both), my reactions at times are
inappropriate and beyond what is called for in my day to day situations. The pain I feel in
these times is overwhelming.
□ I don’t feel good enough or I have many shame based feelings e.g. inferiority,
inadequacy, incompetence, worthlessness, ugliness or stupidness, or maybe dirty.
□ I feel on the outside of…… not really part of……. disconnected to others rather than
connected. I feel like I don’t belong. I struggle with loneliness. I feel all alone, unwanted
or abandoned.
□ I am self critical and critical of others. I have difficulty affirming others and am more
prone to see and comment on their flaws. I also see my own flaws more easily than my
□ People say I am hard on myself. I find it difficult to get over things and I find it difficult to
forgive myself. Sometimes I struggle to forgive others too.
□ I am a people pleaser and I need people’s approval, it helps me feel better about myself.
□ I need recognition and acknowledgment and I feel resentful when people do not seem to
appreciate me.
□ I am driven, a bit of a workaholic. I find it hard to relax and enjoy life and feel a constant
pressure to be doing what I think I “should” be doing. I feel guilty when I try to relax and
do things just for fun.
□ I suffer from psycho-somatic problems e.g. headaches or stomach aches, medically there
is nothing wrong but the problems continue, the more emotionally distressed I am the
worse my physical conditions are.
□ I struggle to express emotions especially anger. Sometimes I feel bad or sick inside, it is a
real body sense, but actually I have no idea what it is that I specifically feel.
□ I feel stuck, frustrated and so want to be rid of certain things in my life. I would like to
sort of chop it off and be done with it but things stay the same. I feel exhausted and
sometimes hopeless about all this.
□ At times I am overwhelmed by anxiety, often I don’t even know what it says but it sends
me into overdrive and I can become aggressive, or defensive, or controlling.
□ I compulsively eat when I feel bad; sometimes I am not even aware that I am feeling bad.
I feel bad after I have binged in this way too.
□ I find it difficult to receive compliments and often my mind secretly disagrees with what
was said.
□ Unless I am busy or doing something I am not really happy. I’m prone to being a
workaholic or finding something to do; I am often unaware that I do this to suppress
emotional discomfort.

Sometimes it is difficult to know if you lack self acceptance. If you agreed with a few of
the statements above then you have some growth to do in this area.


Self Beliefs

Most of the time we are unaware of what our self beliefs are but when things go wrong then we will know! We feel whatever we believe. Below is an image of some possible self beliefs that are sometimes activated when we are triggered (when your buttons are pushed). If, when things go wrong, you are inclined to feel some of these types of experiences, then you have some mind renewal that you need to do. As you work on these unhelpful self beliefs you will grow in self acceptance and start to feel more content in life. You will also find that as you process each unhelpful belief and learn how to lift it to God for His truth your double mindedness will decrease. What you believe with your head you will also be able to believe and know with your heart. For example, we may know intellectually that God loves us but our heart may still not be convinced.

Above we have listed only some of many possible self experiences and self beliefs that indicate a lack of self acceptance and a need for a journey of growth and healing. Journey with us in Breaking Ground, nothing changes if you continue to do the same thing!