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Living with Loss

Is this course for me?

This course deals with loss in general. Although most of those who attend hope to reconcile a loss through death, the course often includes participants suffering from loss caused by separation from a broken marriage or partnership, as well as other losses such as job loss or a loss of identity.

We do not recommend the course for anyone who has experienced loss within the past year. This is because there are some natural “stages” that everyone needs to experience in order to receive the full benefit of the course. If you are unsure, however, please email Myrna on with a description of your loss, detailing when it took place, and she will be able to help advise you.

Although the course is run through and from the Common Ground Church and is based on the Christian faith, there is still plenty to gain from it for those who do not consider themselves Christ followers.

The subjects that are dealt with in the 6-week course are:
  • What do I know? About loss and in particular MY loss.
  • What am I doing? About loss and in particular MY loss. And what could I be doing?
  • Who am I becoming? The identity I now use to define myself – now that I am no longer a wife? Employee? Brother? Etc.
  • Where do I belong? Has my community changed through my loss? Work friends, family estrangement, church group, as part of a couple to being single, etc.

The emphasis is not on teaching anyone how to “get over it” or that “time will heal”, but rather working towards reconciling oneself to the loss and the grief that accompanies their experience.

The processing method we use is primarily narrative; we listen to other people’s stories that take us on a journey – moving comfortably from one point to another. Most evenings start off in a big group with a general presentation. We then divide into smaller, facilitated groups. Here, each group has a facilitator who guides the group. There is no pressure for anyone to share, but as with most courses, the more you put in – the more you get out. The course is not an end in itself, but should rather be considered as a stepping stone – allowing individuals to move on at their own pace after journeying through the weeks.

To find out more about this course, when the next course begins, or to sign up, please email at,  let us know here, and we will get back to you with more information.

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