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Soul Detox


It is a popular and worthwhile phenomenon to give thought to the things in our lives that are causing us to be unhealthy. Fad diets such as Banting, Paleo, Whole30; Pop exercise regimes like HIIT, CrossFit, Pilates; apps like MyFitnessPal and Run, Zombie, Run are all the rage. New promises for a new and better you in just 4 weeks or less.

But how often do we consider the health of our internal life? What we are feeding our souls a steady diet of. This series aims to do just that. Covering toxic influences, thoughts, emotions and relationships and what wisdom Scripture gives us on how to remedy and deal with toxicity in these areas, we will be exploring how to get fit and healthy on a soul-ular level for the next 4 weeks.


Listen to the talks from previous weeks in this series so far.

Week 1: Detoxing Influences.

Week 2: Detoxing Thoughts.

Week 3: Detoxing Emotions.

Week 4: Detoxing Relationship.

Life Group Guides

These guides have been created to help small group leaders lead their groups through the content covered in the previous Sunday’s talk. Included are tips on how to navigate this particular subject, foster engagement, encourage questions and provide informed responses.

Life Group guide week 1.

Life Group guide week 2.

Life Group guide week 3.

Soul Detox 30 Day Challenge

During this series, we are going to challenging ourselves on what we feed our souls. In order to help make the most of this, why not consider joining us as we try cut a few things from our soul diets to make space for what we think God would be saying to us over this time.

Download the full e-flyer.