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Meet the Leaders

Jesus said that if you want to lead others you’d have to have a humble servant-heart, laying down your life to lift others up. We insist all our leaders do just that. Our leadership teams are overseen by Rigby and Sue Wallace, with each congregation having it’s own team and congregation leader.

Congregation Leaders

Luke and Lauren have 3 young children: Ben, Bethany and Jack. They work full-time for Common Ground Church, together they oversee the South Peninsula congregation.

  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Mike and Liz
    Mike and Liz were married in January 2002 and have 2 kids.
  • Common Ground Church Leader
    Tim and Natasha
    Tim and Natasha married in 2004 and have two small children, Trystan and Adalayde. Tim works for NETwork, a Common Good project that trains and encourages unemployed individuals. Natasha is passionate about seeing women flourish by living out their God-given purpose.