/   Spiritual Gift Discovery Online Questionnaire

Spiritual Gift Discovery Online Questionnaire

Answer the questions below, submit your answers and discover the gifts God has given you to build his church.

Remember to answer according to who you are, not who you would like to be or who you think you should be. In each question you should be asking how true of you are these statements, and to what degree do these statements reflect your tendencies.

This quiz has been put together to guide you to what your gifts might be. It’s not a definitive guide, and there are gifts that we might have not included that God could indeed be using in you.

We suggest these steps after taking the test:

1. Pray about your spiritual gifts and ask God to confirm them in the next few weeks or month.

2. Ask some of your close Christian friends whether they see these gifts in your life.

3. Get involved in serving in our church, putting your gift in practice and seeing whether it is something God is using in you.

4. Process this with one of the leaders in your community, maybe your small group leader or one of our leaders that know you.

Read on to complete the quiz, or click here for a print friendly version. The test should take about 15 minutes. Once you’ve submitted your answers the results will load under this paragraph.

QuestionConsistently / Definitely trueMost of the time / Usually trueSome of the time / Once in a whileNever / Not at all